Project Description

Style W Sight Glass

This circular sight glass is ideal for you to visually check the presence, colour and condition of a liquid.

  • Welded and bolted styles available
  • High quality robust design
  • High temperature and pressure ratings
  • Short lead times
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


This model is designed to provide a window for viewing the contents of a vessel or tank. Suitable for welding to a tank.
The windows are either toughened soda lime or toughened borosilicate glass to suit the contents of the vessel.

Maximum Working Pressure

Toughened Soda Lime
– Standard Unit – 16 Bar
– High Pressure Unit – 40mm-100mm – 40 Bar, 150mm – 25 Bar
Toughened Borosilicate:
– Standard Unit – 6 Bar
– High Pressure Unit – 40mm-100mm – 16 Bar, 150mm – 10 Bar


All Flowpoints indicators are manufactured to the highest standards.
The quality system is independently audited by BSI and certified to ISO 9001.
Full material traceability is maintained, material certificates are supplied on request.

Materials of Construction

Back Pad
– Stainless steel BS EN 10088-3:1995 1.4404/1.4401
– Carbon steel A350 LF2 / ASTM A105
– Stainless steel ASTM A351 CF8M (316)
– Mild steel grade S355J2+N
– Toughened Soda Lime
– Toughened Borosilicate
Internal Gasket
External Gasket
– Klingersil C4400
Edge Protector
– Klingersil C4400
– (Standard) – A2 Stainless steel
– (High Pressure) – High tensile steel