Project Description

Vista ‘Spinner’ Type Flow Indicator

This sight flow indicator is ideal for you to visually check the flow, presence, colour and condition of a liquid, gas or condensate.

  • High quality robust design
  • Pressures up to 10 bar
  • Temperatures up to 100°C
  • Short lead times
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


The Vista ‘Spinner’ is a single sided gunmetal indicator that can be used on pipe sizes from 8mm to 25mm (¼” to 1”). The spinner starts to rotate when flow starts and is clearly visible from distances. The design offers low pressure losses and is suitable for installation in both horizontal and vertical pipework.

Applications Include

  • Pump, compressor and diesel engine protection
  • Ensuring that flow of cooling water is maintained to specialised equipment
  • Detecting changes in colour and condition of liquids during processing
  • Indication of air entrainment
  • Early warning of overheating, bearing or seal failure


The bodies are cast in high quality gunmental
The glass dome is held in place by a brass clamp ring and sealed with a Viton O’ring.
The sight glasses are supplied with screwed connections to BSP parallel (other connections are available on request).


All Flowpoints indicators are manufactured to the highest standards.
The quality system is independently audited by BSI and certified to ISO 9001.

Specification Code

Materials of Construction

– Gunmental BS1400 LG2
Clamp Ring
– De-zincified Brass
– PPS Plastic (colour – fast yellow)
Glass Dome
– Moulded Annealed Borosilicate
O Ring
– Viton
– Klingersil C4400
– Stainless steel